Saturday, February 24, 2007

Under Construction

Welcome! If you're reading this message, you probably came across this page via a search. I will be adding content and learning the ropes over the next several days.

The first goal of this blog is to use my experience at playing lousy chess to educate others. I am a C-class player (1400s USCF) who has spent a lot of time on chess, but not wisely. I think, however, that I have a good sense of what steps a player should take to see the greatest improvement in their play, especially for those C-class and below.

The other goal of this blog is a selfish one. I feel that, if I were to follow my own advice, I would see improvements in my own game. This blog may force me to "practice what I preach" and thus become a better player myself.

If I do my job right, then at least one player (myself) will benefit from this endeavor. I hope that others will find it useful as well, and that I can direct them away from some of the traps and timesinks that I fell prey to. These words summarize this blog's concept:

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