Saturday, February 27, 2010

GP Tactics: Unusual Mating Motif

I was surprised to find two examples of the same unusual mating pattern in the tactics subset I created before Christmas.  In the first position, I was losing anyways, but allowed an immediate resolution:

1.Kg3?? Rg1# , a type of epaulette mate.

The second example required a finesse move:

The immediate 1.Rb6?, as played by me, allows the king to escape with 1…Kc5.  However, 1.Rd5! threatens 2.Rb5#.    Black can only avoid mate by giving up a lot of material, e.g. 1…Rxc4.
A king in front of two isolated enemy pawns has its liberties seriously curtailed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GP Tactics: Counting/Removal of the Guard Tactic

{ Edit: Whoops, a last-minute picture swap introduced the wrong position.  Fixed now--GP}

Continuing (at long last) with the theme of simple tactics data-mined from my own games, here’s a position that seems straight out of Heisman.  If I can find where the heck I left my copy of his Back to Basics: Tactics, I have a nagging suspicion that he’s covered the same tactic.  Analyze 1.Bg5:
Solution after the fold