Thursday, July 19, 2007

Learning New Routes

Still busy unpacking into the new home. My computer is being cantankerous (stupid nvidia graphics driver causing crashes) but thought I'd pass on a quick analogy.

I'm currently learning how to get around in a new city. Right now it seems like the civil engineers are purposely trying to thwart U turn here, no left turn allowed there, have to drive 3/4 of a mile just to turn around and get into the strip mall across the street. I knew my old routes so well I could drive on autopilot, even with all the finesses gained by experience (e.g. get in the left lane here, because the right lane will slow a half mile ahead). I've gone from rarely checking a map to needing a mapquest printout to get to the grocery store. I'm learning where the major destinations are and where the major highways lead and intersect, and not worrying as much about street names until I need to find a certain address.

Learning the ins and outs of a new opening is similar. Worry about the main roads first that lead to the most important destinations. As you do this, think about how you're getting there (why do I have to get in the right lane here? Why do I play ...h3 here?) until it's second nature. Learn new roads as required by need...don't try to memorize the entire map at once. Years later there'll still be places you're unfamiliar with, but you can find your way from one end of town to the other by feel if necessary.


transformation said...

good to hear about your situation!

always glad to see you post.


frankly, not to offend, but very directly, you were the ONLY person i wrote of, in my essays, not to acknowledge the effort or show any interest.

perhaps you simply never saw it, or are indifferent, to prefer i never wrote of you. :) but even the direct of research at Google, Peter Norvig responded. Himm?

id sure appreciate some feedback. surely, you owe me nothing, nor asked to ever be writen of, so i understand all the variables, and yet other hitherto unmentioned or undisclosed circumstances unrelated to me imagined but unknown, at this time?

thanks for a great blog. david

Grandpatzer said...

transformation: remedied that problem, and posted a response on your blog.

Even if I had hit "post" on my original "aw shucks, nice pic" response, it wouldn't have been that substantial. I'm not very good at taking complements. For some weird reason it feels crass to praise your praise, because it feels like a conflict of interest, like a documentary on the health care system sponsored by drug companies and HMOs.