Friday, September 7, 2007

Back On the Wagon

Since the move in July, I've been a bad, bad boy. I played 187 ICC games and barely looked at them. I'm going to atone for my sins and examine all of them before I play another ICC game.

In other news, I finally snagged Mihail Marin's latest Spanish repertoire book. When I've read a decent chunk of it I'll post a review. However, since his previous book was simply the best opening repertoire book I've ever come across, I have high hopes.

I am starting to think that any book with Marin's name on it is gold.


transformation said...

good to see you around again.

we can also look forward to more Marin at Mexico city starting in three more days, as he dependably does for,

with wonderful notes...

best regards, dk

Chess Relearner said...

Ah, you may be on the wagon, but you have pushed me off! I am an inveterate collector of chess books, and didn't have either of the Marin books that you recommend. They surely look like excellent books. Unfortunately, Amazon makes things really easy ... click .. click ... and off the wagon again, after promising myself to limit my book purchases ... sigh.

Grandpatzer said...

CR: I hear ya about books. And you're not helping me, either, since I've been eyeing that Flear endgame book that you reviewed on your blog. It seems to fill a big gap in the endgame literature.

If you play 1.e4 e5 as black, and stick with it, then Marin's books are not a purchase to regret.