Saturday, October 20, 2007

Memorable Moves

I don't have the world's greatest memory. I don't routinely come across a middlegame plan and recall a specific classic game. So, when I'm playing a game and have one of these flashes of recollection, it suggests that a certain move or plan had an impact on me.

Here's an idea that I've encountered several times in my own games. It's not particularly flashy, but it has extra impact when you've been the victim of it:

Paulsen-Morphy, New York 1857
White to play

White wanted to play d4, but played 12.c3 to prepare it. It was necessary to play 12.d3 first, then c2-c3 and d3-d4. The problem with taking the "fast route" to playing the pawn to d4 was shown by Morphy's response:


which puts a terrible cramp on White's position:

It's not a flashy move, winning material or threatening mate, but it's quite powerful. I have fallen victim to this move myself, and I've also been able to recall this game and avoid this scenario.

After a bit of tardiness on my part, I'm trying to get back on track with my study of master games. I hope to post more extraordinary (to me) moves as I encounter them.

What moves from classic games have had a special impact on you? Feel free to respond with your own. If you post it on your blog, I'll add a link in this post.


Glenn Wilson said...

A powerful cramp indeed! Minor quibble: the first diagram is white to move (it says black to move) and ...Qd3 is not such a good idea at that point.

Grandpatzer said...

Whoopsie, I'll go fix that. Thanks!

Pawn Shaman said...

nice blog! I hadnt really checked it out until dk put up a link in a post, but I will definately be back.