Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brief Update: Preparing for Summer

I've had a couple posts in varying stages of completion for a while now, but between real-life distractions and the amount of work they've turned into, I've delayed posting them for a while.

I hope to post a review of Chess Endgame Training by Bernd Rosen soon (short version: me likey!) and some endgame analysis in about a week. I just wanted to confirm that I'm still alive, and also give myself a little kick in the pants to produce something worth reading soon.

I'm looking forward to summer evenings on the porch with a book and a chessboard, and putting a dent in my list of master games to play through.


transformation said...

as soon as they appear, i will read them. we can never go wrong reading your fine work! best regards, dk

Anonymous said...

Hello Grandpatzer!

I was reading one of your older posts where you mentioned the book "Best Lessons of a Chess Coach". I just recently read got through that book and MAN did it open up the game in a big way. I even noticed myself using some of the concepts in games and that was a very cool feeling!

Have a great day,

Tom G

Grandpatzer said...

tommyg: Glad to hear another person have that eye-opening experience from BLCC.