Thursday, November 20, 2008

iPod Touch Chess Applications?

I scored an iPod Touch for my birthday. I saw that there are several chess apps available, but I get the impression that the reviews are grossly padded by developer sockpuppets.

Anyone have iPod/iPhone chess apps that they particulary like? I noticed that at least one (Caissa Chess) mentions playing by email. This is of some interest, since I'm currently playing a pair of email games with someone from the club.


chesstiger said...

Sorry, i never used such things and neither are my friends. But does neither of those applications you researched have a free trial period? Always nice to test things first before a definete buy.

Christopher Olberding said...

I'm interested in finding out the same thing. I've played around with 'Chess with Friends' and that's pretty fun if you know other players with a touch or iPhone as the random competition is weak. "Chess O" is free but very buggy. iChess (has a free version) is alright but very light on features.

prosephina said...

Chess with friends is interesting if you can get your "friends" contacts. Otherwise, I tried iChess demo version and it's beatable but at least plays semi-normal. Oh well. But the touch is a nifty thing!