Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GP Tactics: Counting/Removal of the Guard Tactic

{ Edit: Whoops, a last-minute picture swap introduced the wrong position.  Fixed now--GP}

Continuing (at long last) with the theme of simple tactics data-mined from my own games, here’s a position that seems straight out of Heisman.  If I can find where the heck I left my copy of his Back to Basics: Tactics, I have a nagging suspicion that he’s covered the same tactic.  Analyze 1.Bg5:
Solution after the fold

1.Bg5? and my opponent missed 1…Bxf3, a removal of the guard motif.  Pretty simple stuff, even if it’s an ICC blitz game.  I had probably just calculated 1…Qxg5 2.Nxg5 Bxd1 3.Kxg1 and stopped there without counting through other move orders--sloppy.  Not that it would have given much of an advantage even then.


Steve Eddins said...

It looks like your diagram is not for the original position but instead the end of the variation you calculated.

Grandpatzer said...

Thanks, my bad. The first board position I had up was poor resolution. When I saved a higher-res graphic from ChessBase I didn't spot that I had moved forwards through the tactic.

Anonymous said...

Is the move 3.Kxd1 instead on 3.Kxg1? :) Also, do you have an idea of when you are going to post a blogpost again?

Cheers From California!