Friday, March 5, 2010

Chess Position Trainer 4.0 On The Horizon?

{Edit: funny thing about horizons--as you approach them, they recede. Keep watching for CPT4, but don't hold your breath.}

I’ve never fully utilized Chess Position Trainer 3.3, but I’m excited to hear that the Chess Position Trainer 4.0 beta may be released in the next few days
Apparently they had already released a buggy preview version in early January.
I’ve been making do with ChessBase for openings, but CB is designed around being a game/position database, not an opening variations database.  Yes, you can manage a repertoire in it, but it’s clunky, especially when it comes to transpositions.  The main reason I never used CPT much was that I found it easier to focus on one database program than two. 
I’ve been a very good boy the last 3 months or so, barely looking at opening theory.  I’m feeling the itch, though, so if/when CPT 4 is released I may give it a test run while working on my Sicilian as White repertoire.


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Stefan Renzewitz said...

If you are still interested in Chess Position Trainer and you missed it: it has been officially released in the meantime.